The furnace oil from scrap tyres after distillation can be so colorued and have this smelly odur. Technologically, many tyre oil plants are lagging behind in a cutting edge technology to make this pyrolysis tyre oil odur free and crisp color.

However, We have a special technology exclusive to us, it is COLOR AND SMELL REMOVING SYSTEM

You know after distillation to get the Fuel Oil, there is always a need to remove the color and the smell.


There are recycling machines, or
recycling equipment(s) whether plastic recycling machine or
tire recycling machine (or equipment as the case may be), but according to research, all of them generate excessive heat during use.

But there is a new, EXCLUSIVE technology that is being developed by our team of Engineers. So if your need is Pyrolysis tyre recycling plant, tyre oil plant or maybe you are interested in buying just the components like the tire shredding machines and the likes, you can as well talk to us.

Even if you decided to revamp your old plastic and tyre recycling plant or any of your recycling machinery, you can contact us. Trick 2016 100% Working & Tested

Trick 2016 100% Working & Tested

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How to unblock links on facebook.

Image result for adfly logo has been blocked by Facebook. This is the method to 'unblock' adfly . you cannot share your your links directly but you can post them automatically. this tricks works great and i am also using it to share my link on Facebook. without taking much of your time..below is the trick to share links on Facebook automatically...

Steps to 'unblock' adfly in Facebook Configure Twitter

1. Login to your twitter account
2. Enable the send to Facebook functionality in twitter . Setting > Profile >Update Tweets